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Still image and video cueing


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Yes, the DVD spec allows for it.


I think the easiest way to do this is to have multiple menus - after each chapter, it jumps to a menu, which then links to the next chapter.


However, you need a professional-grade DVD authoring package to do this - I've yet to find a freebie one that supports this level of control.


Unfortunately I can't recommend a particular package - I tried a couple out a year or so back, but I honestly can't remember what they were called!

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I'm thinking of a authoring a DVD with chapters


Will you be using a Mac or PC to burn your DVD as good, but not cheap unfortunately, software is available for both.


If your using a Mac then DVD Studio Pro is your best bet:

DVD Studio Pro

If you are using this software, I have a fair bit of experience, PM me if you want any pointers.


If your using a PC then I would recommend Adobe Encore

Adobe Encore


I'm fairly sure you can download demos of both, but I don't know what restrictions these will have ??


EDIT for brainwave:


Or the complete other option rather than a DVD is using PowerPoint, as long as your videos aren't to high spec then you could import them and mix them in with picture slides and blank slides, and you don't have to use a vision mixer !!



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I was going to suggest Powerpoint, that seems a good option.


The other idea which is extremely cheap (verging on free) and surprisingly effective is to use an overhead projector. No! Don't scroll down, I'm serious!! We produced a show where there was a scene in which a character was taking photographs. The designer wanted the images projected at approx 5m square onto a BP screen. We looked into buying or hiring a suitably powerful projector and 1:1 lens but it was way beyond our means so we did it with an OHP, plugged it into a dimmer and taped all the acetates together. We fixed two bits of elastic across over the string of acetates and concertinaed (sp?) them up so they stopped neatly on each frame. Make sense?


The two advantages of this apart from much cheapness were that because it was controlled through the desk, black was indeed black and also, I was amazed at the brightness maintained over such a wide throw.


I hope I have managed to keep your attention long enough to convince you what a good idea this is!! Smells a bit Stage Management-y but trust me.


Yours awaiting ridicule and laughter



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