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Roboscan 812 not working


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Hi I own 2 Roboscan 812's


and Have recently realised that when I power it up it does its checks then nothing happens.


I assumed it was the bulb so changed that, and when I turn it on it ignites then goes out.

The Pan/Tilt does not respond either to music (clapping), although I have the jumpers over DMX control, as I want to control it from my Spark.


But is there a reason to why its going on then off and pan/tilt not responding to sound, becuase my other roboscan is fine?? The ballast perhaps, I dont know, if anyone does that would be great.


Many Thanks



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Have you set the dip switches to sound activation mode?


If not then the unit will wait untill it is told to do something by a DMX signal.


If I remember correctly, the dip switches for sound mode are 1,2,10. But this is printed on top of the unit. If nothing else, will be in the manual.

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If you have the unit set for DMX control then the unit will not respond to sound, it needs to be in one of the auto trig modes to be able to do this. It is however possible to set it to Music Trig via DMX by setting channel 1 to a value between 139-170 (DMX) or 55-67 (%).


With regard to the lamp, if the unit is set for DMX control then the lamp will not strike until a lamp on command has been sent. This is done by setting Channel 1 of the fixture to a value somewhere between 236-255 (DMX) or 93-100 (%). However the fact that the lamp strikes and then douses when fired up seems a bit strange.

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When you say its lighting and then going out, do you mean that when power is applied it strikes for a split second and start its motor tests?


If so this is normal. It should then reset all motors to start and then the mirror should move back to the dead center. If this is where its getting to then its waiting for the DMX signal.


Check that you have jumper 10 set and then your DMX address correct.


How old is the unit? I have had quite a few problems with our old roboscans - They too strike for a split second, do their self tests and then mirror moves to center and then nothing.


Turned out that the Jumpers were at fault. I find that heat, smoke fluid and dust eventually kill the contacts and I have to desolder and solder permanent links in.




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