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Crest CA-6 US/European Voltage

Andy Woodford

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Before I make a schoolboy error in purchasing. Can a CA-6 configured for the US be adapted to run on European voltages. Specifically by an end user (short of soldering anything)


Sorry, Andy, 3GUK, but I believe the answer is NO.


The Crest Manual states that the PSU voltage is factory set. It may be possible to reconfigure them, but I would check first. The amps are not impossible to get into, but then again, it's not easy. Furthermore, a US sourced amp will have a US colour code cable fitted, have breakers rated for US line voltage / current and may not have the required markings (CE etc.) for the European market.


The CA series PSU is linear (as far as such a monster supply can be called linear as it chews the mains quite well) but it is not an autoranging multivoltage switch mode jobby. Oh, it weighs quite a bit too!


That's my reading of the book - please make sure of the facts before committing yourself to any purchase.



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