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Ello BR,

Well I thought I had this one sussed... but I don't.

I just got another Masterpiece 108 and want to slave it. But after connecting up the slave desk with the master desk I don't seem to know what do to. In fact I don't think the manual has any specific instructions on how to set up slave boards. So can anyone help me? How do you 'tell' that desk 1 is the master and desk 2 is a slave? On what board do you plug in your main DMX and how does programming work for each board?



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I think from reading this document that what you need to know is on page 44 or 46 depending on whether you are connecting by the RS232 remote control or the 0-10v remote control. Once the desk is connected, that this talks about the values you need to record to the master masterpiece, to trigger environments and environment chases on the slave.


Apart from this, the manual doesn't seem to give much away does it? ;)

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