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Pyros - licencing (inc premises)


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It's been a while since I have been on here -but as always it's the best place to find answers to my tech questions. I have done a search on this before asking!




I have a visiting company that wants to use a pyrotechnic in their pantomime. It's a le matrie (sp?) theatrical flash (prob the small).


I have no problems with the risk assessment / nominated person / storage of them kind of details for having this in the building. I have worked with small pyro's before, the difference this time is that I am now the venue technician not the visiting one -I have responsibility for making sure of the correct licencing for having them in the building.


What I am unsure of is the part about the licence/ premises licence or applying for permission. I'm just unsure of the details to this? Is it a simple call to my local authority (who provide our premises licence) to ask for permission or does it amount to more than that? Am I going to have to have our premises licence re-written? Will I have to have 14 different police and fire authority's visit the building or sign this off.


Any advice or info about this area to having pyro's in the building would be useful. I like to do my background work before picking up the phone unsure of what I want to say or ask.


Thanks in advance



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This should be covered by your premises licence but I suspect that you'll find it makes no mention of it in there. For anywhere but the larger venues most local authorities seem to have failed to attach the necessary conditions to the licence.


If this is the case then theoretically you are free to do whatever you want as long as you cover the other bits of the Law, I'm thinking of MSER here and basic H&S stuff.


I'd start with a read of the paperwork you got with the licence.


To be specific, you need to see if Appendix E and Appendix F specifically apply and if so have the powers to require notification within those Appendices been applied.

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