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Hk Deacon or Nexo PS15/Ls1200?


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Cabaretho,what problems have you had with Nexo gear?

I used to own a PS10 and LS500 combo and similarly found the bottom end and "oomph" a bit lacking although the sound quality was great.

What were you powering your system with?

As with all Nexo cabs it is very important to throw lots of power at them to get the best out of them.

I now own a PS15 system with one LS1200 which is absolutely tremendous for most venues(I play in a 3 piece,guitar,keys,vox and b-trax)and this system has coped in venues up to 500 however if I were you I would try a pair of PS15 with a pair of PS15 bass and a pair of LS1200.

In my view few portable systems would be able to touch that system for impact and sound quality.

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I see you have listed your PS10 system on Ebay and you have been using a Crown MT1200 and 2400 to power the cabs,you should have had plenty power using them so it must be that you need to move up to the bigger PS15 system.

Have you got a new system yet,what did you decide on?

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