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Chris Snow

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Hi, this is my first post after reading the forum for a while now,


After recently buying some Turbosound TXD 121's and TXD 118's I'm after some amps to run them with.


Their basic specs is 300 RMS for each cab so amps around the 600 W @ 8 Ohm is what I'm after.

An important thing is lightweight so I have been looking at switch mode stuff


After looking around iv come up with 2 amps the Yamaha and the QSC


both have good and bad points


The Yamaha P7000 is more powerful costing £430+vat

The QSC PLX1804 is lighter and shallower costing £450 + vat


my plan is to initially run the cabs passively(linking the tops and subs together) due to the money currently available


then towards December buy another amp and a DBX Driverack 260.



Basically I'm not sure which amps to get as they are verry similar.


I'm open to other ideas but I cant think of anything else in my price range of <£500 an amp





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If your budget is sub £500 then they're both good choices, personal preference would be towards the Yamaha's. We've installed a lot of Yamaha amps of varying sizes over the past couple of years in hard working installs and as yet have had zero failures on any units.


If your conisdering investing in quality components like a DBX Drive Rack and potentially thinking about upgrading to products like the Aspect range in the future then it might be worth considering digging deeper in the pocket and going for a more expensive amp (Camco, Lab Gruppen etc.) Bigger investment now might save you money in the future, just a thought!

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