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Inherited Kit - Need Manuals - Studiomaster Powerhouse 8-2 & Cele


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Hi, I have inherited an installed sound system, and am missing manuals for the mixer a Studiomaster Powerhouse 8-2 250W and the Celestion SRC1 MK2 Control System and Celestion SR1 speakers.


Has anybody got theses and would be willing to scan and send them to me?


(I only require the english pages, if they are multilingual)


Many thanks for your time



P.S. Sorry if this is the wrong place for this type of post please let me know of a better place if there is one.

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Don't know anything about the Studiomaster powered mixer, but the celestions are cracking wee speakers... but you need to use the controller to get the most out of them.


There should be a hookup diagram printed on the top of the controller. Basically, it goes "between" the mixer and power amp. With a conventional setup with separate mixer and power amp, you would connect the mixer outputs to the controller inputs (balanced jacks) and then the "full range out" jacks on the controller to the power amp input. Ignore the sub/biamp sockets if you aren't using separate subs. The speaker "sense wires" get connected to the output of the power amp, in parallel with the speakers.


With an all-in-one system like the studiomaster (remember I've never used one!) you'd want to somehow place the celestion controller between the mixer section and the power amp section. Hopefully there will be a set of main inserts which will let you do this...


Edit: I just noticed you said it was a Mk2 control unit. That may have XLRs rather than jacks.


The MK1 speakers have XLRs for the speaker connections too! The MK2s changed this to Speakons, and also had a red logo on the badge.

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