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Second hand Robe movers


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Hi BR,

OK so I know someone who has a load of Robe fixtures currently just sitting in a rig somewhere that's shut down and me being keen to get my hands on them, I'm not sure what kind of second hand price range to offer if it comes to it.


Looking around, I noticed 6 x DJ 250XT scans, 2 x Spot 250XT heads and 2 x Wash 250XT heads. Now all of the units are in good condition and must be I'd say about a year to 2 years old.


Ideally I'm interested in either 4 or 6 of the scans or either 2 of the spot heads or all 4 heads but as I'm not sure what these would go for second hand, I'm asking you guys what kind of asking price firstly I should expect from the guy, or if he's unsure how much, then what kind of price range I should give him.



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