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Yamaha GF24


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Our band (five piece classic rock covers) is looking to upgrade our mixer.

We have a Peavey RQ2318 at the mo. The Peavey has lost a couple of

channels and the output section can be dodgy at times - losing monitor sends etc...

So, we have been offered a Yamaha GF24 for what seems a good price for all the

extra features over the Peavey. It does seem like a pretty rare desk, though.


Peavey -

16 mono channels, no stereo channels except for the straight FX returns,

3 band w/mid swept EQ, 2 pre/ 2 post aux sends, global phantom.


Yammy -

20 mono channels, a couple of stereo channels with EQ for FX returns,

3 band w/ mid swept EQ, 6 aux (3/4 and 5/6 switchable pre/post),

HPFs, pads, 4 groups, global phantom, group/main inserts.


Just wondering if anyone's used one before. I've never seen one.

This desk is in near mint condition but is it worth saving some more for a

A&H MixWiz 16, for example - 4 band EQ, individual phantom, rackable etc?


Thanks, Adam

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Hi Adam,


I hate to be cheeky, but it might help if you gave us a rough price range you were offered it at. Basically, I'd buy it if it were £350-400 with case, I wouldn't if it were £600. I think that an important attraction with the mixwiz is that is easily resellable, and I can't help but fear that you would struggle to sell the yamaha later on.





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I've used the Yamaha GF24/12 before now and I feel it is a solidly made board and it always did work find whenever I had call to use it. The layout is clean and simple and I think its a good value board - if the price is right i.e. £300 region then buy it happily





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I suppose the multicore is worth a little money, to sell on if you dont need it or benefit from using it if you can.


Be very careful with some multicores though they really can be more trouble than they're worth. I spent a year constantly resoldering ends on one before giving up with it. chopping it off and putting new Neutrik ends, wish I'd done it in the first place but it can cost you another £70 by the time you've done the tails and panel connectors.




oh and whilst I dont have much call for a small multi like that anymore, its not had any trouble since.

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Thanks for the replies - it does seem quite a solid desk.

Definitely an improvement over the Peavey. Well, we're taking it for a test drive

next weekend to see what it's like. Might still save for a MixWiz, or maybe even

sell all the FOH stuff (it's only Behringer/Alesis/Samson) and get an 01V.


Don't suppose anyone knows if the auxes can be changed inside the board?

I would ideally like 3 pres and 3 posts.




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