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Midas XL3 and outboard rack


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Hi everyone,


We're getting a load of refurb live kit in our venue in a couple of weeks time, and I'm just preparing by starting to order things like patch panels, wiring looms etc for connection between the console and the outboard. The console we're getting is an XL3, however I've heard conflicting information from Midas as to what the actual connections are on the back of the desk for insert purposes. Bantam vs TRS jack - can anybody clarify what the desk actually has for me? If its TRS jack, I can get wiring looms easily enough; if it's Bantam, then I'm struggling to find Bantam > anything (XLR, jack) in loom format from Canford/Studiospares etc. Is there a better solution?! Outboard kit is new Drawmer comps, gates, FX and so on with the majority of it on XLR.


Can anybody shed some light and possibly offer some advice? :unsure:


Thanks in advance,



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I understand that proel (0208 761 9911) can make any custom loom, bear in mind ur need to go thru a distributor, to be honest having spent many years making up assemblies it would poss be cheaper to buy a patchbay (balanced jack) a load of moulded bantam leads ( china are knocking thse out for people) cut one end off and solder a balanced jack on end then use normal balanced jack /jack-XLR to your rack- sounds complicated but bear in mind that the neutrik bantams are very small, a pain in the ass to wire, if they fail you cannot open them as they are crimp design, oh and they're not cheap.


ring VDC/ proel for info, im sure either can make using bantams.


good luck



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