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Hireing Round Staging

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Litestructures do dry hire of their kit as well as sales, so it would be worth giving them a bell - I've hired a load of 4-foot radius stuff from them before, and I'm fairly sure they have a few other sizes in stock.


On another note - Make sure you're very careful while assembling circular staging - several designs don't have a leg at the outer edge of the quadrants, so they are very unstable until bolted to the rest of the staging.


I've seen one accident where a guy trod on the edge of a quadrant before it was bolted to the rest of the circle, so it flipped up and dumped him on the floor - luckily he wasn't hurt, but it could have been nasty.

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Hiya guys and gals, anyone know where I can hire round sections of staging ?




Panda Hire Ltd in Nottingham currently have the following sections available for hire:


4ft Quadrant section (8ft diametre round stage)

2ft Quadrant section (4ft diametre round stage)


As these are modular stage sections, they can be used with standard 8ft, 4ft, 2ft Litedeck sections to create other dimensions (although not completely circular).


6ft Quadrants are also available from Litestructures direct but I don't think they have many.


Chris VS


Project Manager for Panda Hire Ltd

01159 222 959

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