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Hello Everyone! Just a quick question for you......hopefully it could provide usefull to some people!


Does anyone also know where I'll be able to find out some information/guides/explanations on recording cue's to run to a timecode?


I'm going to be using the hog to plot various dance shows and the director wants to sync the lighting to run from timecode....How does this work generally? Is it quite simple?


Any links or info would be appreciated!

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Not done this with a hog, but the standard sort of approach is to have a timecode source, which may be a sequencer, show control computer, hard disk recorder, movie projector, lots of things. Some of these things output "timecode" as "proper" timecode, which is an audio waveform (eg 35mm projectors), others output MIDI Time Code (MTC) directly, which is what you use in real life.


The first thing you need to know is where your T/C is coming from (eg hard disk recorder), what it electrically looks like (eg MTC (preferably!) or VITC or LTC) and what format it's in (eg 24fps, 29.97fps). None of these things are more right than another, but you have to know so you can set up your receiving to agree with the source.


What I (and everyone else, I guess) do is to have each song or track start on a one-hour boundary (as long as you dont have more than 24 tracks) so that there is never any confusion over which track the timecode is for. On most systems the source starts up and the receiving device chases and catches up.


Another hint: it generally takes a few frames for timecode to lock, so dont expect to start at 00:00:00:00 on the downbeat.


Now what you need is a Hog expert. I've read the manual, but not tried T/C on a Hog3 yet...

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The Hog 2 has the facility to learn timecode from hitting 'go', which is probably the easiest way to do this.


Set up to receive the right timecode, then run the timecode source - you should see the numbers go by on one of the monitors (I think it defaults to the right-hand touchscreen), which will tell you that timecode is set up correctly.


Once you've built the cuelist, you can put it into "Learn Timing" mode, then start up the tape and hit "Go" at the right moments.

This will automagically record the right timecode moments, which can then be tweaked in the normal way of tweakage.


Never used a Hog 3 though, but I would expect that it can do the same.

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Hi Gazlights,


Let me know which console and I will point you in the right direction, the two consoles have different set up/ options although the end result is the same.


You can also contact me at chris_ferrante at highend dot com


If urgent feel free to call me on +49 1743408518




Chris f



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Interesting.....thanks for the info so far!


I will be using a hog II/III......not sure which one its going to be yet but I know its definately a hog!


Just about to go out so I'll try and send you an email tomorrow Chris!



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