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hello again one and all


would like to gain some knowledge and advice on how to attach a 5m high banner in a T shape construction to the front corners of a hired stage this being a fairly regular one of steel deck and hand rails on either side and an open front


I had been thinking placing the bottom of the pole in a bin full of sand bags and hiding most of the bin under the stage either that or strapping the mian vertical to the lattice on the front of the stage and then slightly further up on the hand rails


what do you think?

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Hi Lightbulb.


I'm assuming that this is going up on an outdoor stage?


If so, it's a big sail that needs a bit more info.


What is it made of?

What is the top fixing (i.e. pocket and bar, eyelets)?

Is there any side fixing on the banner?

Is there any bottom fixing?

What part of the world are you putting it up in?

What time of year is it going up?

How long is it up for?




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Indoors or outdoors?


Indoors is easier as you rarely have to take into account any wind-loading effects.


Either way, without further details, my first thought would be to build a goalpost truss (dependent on the width of the stage) and anchor the base of the legs by coupling them to the corner legs of the stage (steeldeck should have standard 48mm legs) using scaff clamps. Some further bracing would be required and this can often be attached to some of the stage legs further back. Obviously more information would be required to give a more definite answer but this may be a thought to consider...


I certainly wouldn't want a scaff pole in a bucket of sand bags as this is likely to sag to one side over time.





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My 2 cents:


From the information I gather these are two fairly light-weight banners, 5 metres tall and probably about 1 - 1.5 metres wide?

The easiest way would be to suspend them from the ceiling. If you are rigging some truss or PA, get the riggers to hang them for you.

If that is not an option, use a 6 metre length of scaff pipe with a suitable length of scaff pipe at the top, either as a 'T' or inverted 'L'.

Attach the banner to the top and use at least 2 scaff clamps to secure the upright to the stage on either side, but get a licensed scaffolder to do this for you (probably the people building the stage are qualified, I would hope). It is not a big job but scaff pipe can leave ugly imprints if not attached correctly.


The other thing to note is that hessian is not well known for its fire retardant qualities. You will need to check if the material passes your local requirements for fire-retardant levels and probably will have to treat the material.

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Whaleys do sell hessian that is not flame proofed as well, so make sure it's the right one! It's also classified NDFR - which means if the fabric is wetted or washed, it will no longer be flame-retardant. (even just spraying the back of cloths to help the wrinkles drop out can be enough to wash out the flame-proofing).
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May I suggest looking at a tank trap for the base? Coupled with a secondary support higher up (e.g. 90 degree scaff clamp onto stage), I would have thought that you would have a fairly stable structure.


Clearly you can make life easier by using ali scaff. A key clamp to attach the cross piece would be a wise choice too, I would think.



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As you're already hiring in a stage, I think your best place to start would be to talk to the staging supplier. They may be able to put something in for you at not much extra cost.


I don't mean to be unkind, but I don't think you have the wherewithall to do this safely, even if some kind soul gives you step by step instructions here. (Particularly as you have no way to verify that the person advising you knows significantly more about it than you do.)


Not much help, I know. Soz.

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