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C-Audio RA3001 Circuit Diagram??

Pump Monkey

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So here's my opening volley as a newbie, your help would be appreciated.


I currently have a RA3001 in for repair which has a completely burnt out resistor on the right hand power board, I have been phoning around my usual suspects to try and obtain a circuit diagram for this beastie, but with no joy, does anyone have such a document or can anyone point me in the right direction of someone who may?


Usual rewards such as firstborn, etc to members who can oblige.


I thank you.

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If you use your friend Google it comes back with over 2000 pages of info and hire co's regarding those amps. Haven't as yet (in the first 8 pages) found a circuit diagram of the PSU, but I am fairly sure one of the many hire co's service departments will be able to.



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had one at one point. I might still have it I'll look around for you. if not I'll try and contact the guy who gave me the diagram.


I've got a 3001 in bits ....somewhere, I seriously dont know where it is though.


theres an additional part to the board to the back of the amp slightly to one side. Its a little bit unreliable as its only connected via the wires and no other support.


A common problem on these amps particularly if they are not screwed into the back of racks!


Just some info for you there.

keep an eye on the thread (not that you'd leave it) and I'll get back to you.




edit: lovely sounding amp by the way. fry eggs on the bloody things mind you.

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Thanks for the feedback so far, much appreciated.


I'm on site this week but when I get back I'll get more info on the offending part and hopefully we'll get it back up and running.


Thanks David, I may have been a bit misleading, the resistor is on a PSU board which is physically to the right of the transformer rather than part of the right hand channel and therefore it doesn't have a left hand counterpart.


I have to agree with you Rob, they are nice sounding amps (when not being an oversized paperweight on my bench) had a few 2001's at my disposal for a while, but this is my first 3001, and thanks Wilf, handy link to Stewarts info!

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FYI I have circuits, product and service information for all C Audio products. I also offer a repair service.


The resistor most likely to fail on that section of the pcb is the dropper resistor for the power LED so will not stop the unit from working.


if you let me know the resistor number (off the PCB ) I can probably let you know what the fault is, alternatively call me on 07768 551482 and I can probably talk you through a repair.


Lee Basham

Ex service and product manager C Audio

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