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Storing plasma screens


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Hi all,


I need to store 5 x 42" plasma screens and 12 x 23" flatscreen TV's for 10 months when they are not in use. The only local storage place is not temperature controlled and conditions can drop below zero degrees. We don't have the original packaging to transport them in.


So, my questions are:


*Do plasmas need to be stored in any particular orientation (I believe they need to be kept vetical)

*Will storing the screen at very low temperatures do them any harm (The manual only gives operating temperatures)

*Flightcases seem like a very expensive option for two moves a year - Are they worthwhile to prevent damp getting to the screens?


Thanks in advance...

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I'd stick the 23s in someone's loft, or lend them out to the staff / your mates for their kitchens / bedrooms, they aren't going to be harmed by being used for a bit, and don't need any special handling considerations.


Having gotten that bit out of the way, I would proceed to swear an awful lot for having thrown away the original packaging - they need storing vertically, although this can be on their bases or on their ends provided they are packed ok. Standard plasma flightcases won't keep the damp out, airtight ones are gonna cost an awful lot - I'd never store anything electrical at those sort of temperatures although you can - as above, can you find an av company to "look after" them - the arrangement would most likely be that they store your screens for free and then only send them out when they are mucho busy....

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