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Pearl 2004


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I know it sounds lazy but I have the computer simulator for the avo pearl 2004 and I wondered somebody had a show saved this goes for the 3d visulisation as well, just wondered because I really want to know how to operate the board with something to start.






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I have a couple of files somewhere which I made while teaching some others to use the pearl. Will have a look round and see if I can find them. However, trying to learn just from the simulator never seemed to work as well for me as learning with a desk in front of me, and a load of lights instead of the visualiser.
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Thought I would post on this...


I have downloaded the Pearl 2004 simulator. Trying to patch a Moving Light fixture onto the simulator.


Problem is, I have downloaded the Application from the Fixture Personality Library on the Avo Site. When I want to patch a fixture on the simulator, it searches for the file. I have saved the application onto a floppy Disc and hard disc, and the simulator instructs that no files are found. So how can I patch a moving light fixture onto the pearl simulator?


Cheers Rob

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