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A Mad Ferrit costume!


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Hi, at our venue we have a regular club night called Madfer-it. Surprisingly the mascot for this event is a mad ferrit. We are looking to have a mad ferrit costume made, basically brown furry feet, legs and body and a head costume which would be as accurate a re-creation of our ferrit as possible. At the moment the madfer-it ferrit looks like this




though it is due for a refresh over the coming weeks.


If anyone can suggest a costume maker to produce such a costume at as a low a price of possible that would be gratefully received.





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Rainbow productions do specialise in this type of thing and are reasonably priced for the nice work that they do.



Most costume/prop makers would be able to do something like this, at a price. I put together a team 2 years ago to make something similar and I'm sure I could do so again but with 5 different people working on different elements of the build I charged £1000s not £100s.


Having said that it depends the standard of costume that you want to reach. If you have images of mascots of a standard that you would like to emulate PM me or post them and I should at least be able to give you a clue as to what you should be paying.

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My first call would always be Rainbow, If they can't do it there is a lovely lady called Anna Poland who lives down Southampton way, she makes the most amazing things!

If you want her number pm me!

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