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HK Audio Actor DX


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Hi Guys,


Done a search buit not found anything useful.


Im looking at investing in a system for <4000, the system I like the look of at the minute is the Actor DX, can anyone comment on how good the have found it, I have used the old actor system quite a lot and have found for it to lacking in mid quite a bit but otherwise pretty good. Also does anyone know what it is like in comparison with something such as the KV2 EX Series or anything else I may of heard.


Thanks for any help



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I think that the HK systems are pretty good value for money. However, there are two negatives that I have found.


1. The build quality and durability of their boxes can be questionable. I know of a number of people who's systems are rather the worse for wear after a bit of heavy gigging.


2. The audio performance of the different boxes from the HK ranges is inconsistent. We had the HK rep in trying to get us to take on a dealership. We listened to a number of the systems, A-B-ing them against some of our own kit, and although some sounded nice (particularly liked the DART and FAST powered monitors) some were clearly less well engineered from a sound perspective.


As always, get a proper demo before you decide - especially when spending proper money!


Personally, I would recommend looking at the Fohhn Xperience systems but you are going to pay a little more for a similar system.



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the old Actor stuff was prone to taking out the 12 inch mid drivers when pushed hard.

Now I know we shouldn't opush them hard but these type of systems are often sent out as a dry hire package, seems to me the limiting isn't as good as it could be.

Not sure whether this is still the same with the DX stuff but be aware of this problem.

As always it depends on its use, you using it not pushing it hard it will be fine, dry hire stock I wouldn't want to use it.



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Hi mark.

If you have read some of my posts from a few days ago you will know that I was working with q music and 2 Hk Projector systems on sunday. Q music appear to be one of the main retailers for HK Systems in the uk, there is a Northern branch and a southern (might be worth a look for a demo). They have all of the portable HK systems, including the Actor DX. I have not worked with one yet although over the next few weeks im sure that will change. All I can tell you is that they absolutely love the systems, they have had the actor DX system since it came out and it still looks brand new, and it is used on a daily basis. They have only got the covers to protect it and they work brilliantly. I have used the old Actor system an awful lot, I do absolutely love it. There are 2 of the problems which you guys have said so far which I have noticed with it. 1) The mid rage is generally lacking a bit and 2) The build quality with the old actor is not that good. However I have had a quick play with the DX in the Q Music warehouse and it does seem to have a much much higher build quality.


If you are interested I can dig out Q Musics details if you have any more specific questions as they will definitely be able to help you out. They do also do a deal where you can hire they system for a gig to see what you think of it, if you buy the system off them they will give you a refund for the price of the hire.




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