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Harmony 15/28 what do you think of them?


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The Drama group that I do lighting for has just bought 12 Harmony 15/28's second hand from the national theatre, I was just wondering what people thought of them. And wot works well with them and how they are best used etc?


Any views would be really handy



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Ah, isn't it the old Strand doorstop ;)


I've got 16 on rig for a show I'm lighting this week, and I have to say they aren't bad when you consider their age - now coming up to 20+yrs for the very earliest production run models. They are far better than the T-Spots to which they replaced (AFAICR), but they didn't seem to sort out the old weight issue on the lantern - compared to a nice new profile (such as Source 4 or SL series) they weigh a ton.


Haven't used gobos on them for yonks, so can't comment on that. But I find it's best to focus them hard, and then drop in a bit of #132 to soften up the beam, as the soft focus on the lens can be very unpredictable.


But in short, not a bad lantern - esp. as I once bought 18 of them for £450! :D



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In your favour is probably the fact that they've been well maintained. The National seems to be one of the few places that still really likes their Sils, but then they get stripped down at least once a year.


As for harmony, the rack and pinion focussing is a bit tedious. The zooms are at least an improvement on the fixed angle, where all you could get in (perfect!) focus was the filament.

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Not really a fan of them myself, the focus adjust is a bit of a pain, you'll find yourself opening up the doors on the top of them and giving the lens a helping hand quite frequently.


We've got a few of the Harmony 22/40's as well and all of them seem to have suffered from a broken rear lens. Is this a common fault on the 22/40's or is it just ours??

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I'll go along with that, I've got a couple (out of 12) of 22/40s with broken FRONT lenses. I think that if you try to focus them too roughly, you can bring the lenses together a a fair rate....


A large number of the focussing knobs have also broken over the years, and have been replaced with 2inch eigth inch bolts. Since all the focussing is stiff, they don't move on their own anymore.


AND some of the plastic handles have broken off the shutters.


Having said all that, they all still work well enough that I don't NEED to replace them yet.


Anybody got a draw-full of (cheap) spares?


Paul Drage

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