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Not really mental. Steel toecap sandals!


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This is going to sound a bit strange but bear with me.


I did somework in Germany and a lot of the crew guys had steel toecap sandals. I have managed to find them on the web but selling in container quantities. Much as I want a pair I draw the line at buying them by the hundred.



Does anyone know of a company that I can get them over here? The fringe is coming up and I can't handle another year of baked feet.


Found some.


Could you please delete this thread Mods?

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What makes those sandals?


They are open, not Jesus creepers exactly, but definitely open.


They're not like the safety sandals I've seen German crew wearing before though. (Mostly in Athens in 2004)

They were more open than those, looked a bit like the sandals I was (deeply emabarassed to be) sent to school in for a while as a young lad.

The toecaps on those weren't steel, they were some kind of composite, fibreglass maybe. Very, very light, I'd quite like a pair of those.







I had a little German google, and found some more:



Including this one, which isn't quite the same as the ones I've seen before, but does have the composite non-steel toecap. (Still 200 Joules, still meets the standards, much lighter.)


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Guest lightnix
An interesting thread and they look quite nice, but personally I want something that's going to give me a little more ankle protection; so it's still boots all the way for me at the moment :)
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Personally, I'd be wary of composite caps. I'm not aware of a (plastic) composite that doesn't have the same problem that hardhats do - one impact significantly weakens it, without any visible damage; and the next, much smaller, impact goes straight through. I'd stick to steel - you can see the dent, and even then it'll give you better protection than an apparently pristine composite full of little cracks.



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Got mine this week and have been wearing them constantly. Definitely THE footwear to have in the Festival! Despite the steel toecap, they are very light on the feet, and after a 12-hour shift the socks were practially bone dry when I took them off. Of course, there is still the fashion issue of wearing socks with sandals to be resolved.... :P
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