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storing Dry Ice


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have you considered a low fog machine ive started to use them it cuts out all the hassle and danger of using co2 and no storage problems. Alls you need is the correct smoke fluid and a bunch of wet ice wich you can make in your own freezer. I have 2 antari low foggers and they serve me very well
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Well, the show is now in the last performance right now, I'm not involved in the operation, tonight im acting as FOH manager, the fun life of a small company! anyway, after all that the opted out of dry ice and wanted large white silk cloths, so went and spen £20 (not a lot but tis a youth theatre show with no budget - but was going to be alowed the dry ice - the genral manager is an ex technician so gets excited about the prospects of toys!) but yes bought lots of cloth, spent an afternoon in front of a sewing machine heming it all up and making it look pretty etc... and they decided not to use that aswell, now its just done with lights........







well lots of smiling and nodding going on this end anyway!

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