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What is this lantern?


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Clearing out the garage today, I uncovered 4 lanterns which I had forgotten about.


The best description I can think of is "a pinspot on steroids". I was wondering what the proper name is.


Conical shaped housing, with a cylindrical back. No external markings, but the yokes have Thomas stickers on them.


Fuse beside the cable entry.


The lamp is a PAR-64 size Sylvania unit, rated at 120W, 6V, and there is a fairly hefty transformer in the back of the unit. It has a very narrow beam, football-sized at 4-5m throw. Ideal for mirror balls etc.


Lettering on the lamp isn't clear, but it appears to say "PAR VNSP 120W 6V".

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Thanks for the info so far...


I thought I'd post a few pics:




To get an idea of scale, that's a 19" ABS rack case that it's sitting on top of...

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