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Chinese Knock off's


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Power compression refers to the fact that as more current passes through a loudspeaker's voice coil, the coil temperature, and therefore its resistance increases.


Presented with a higher resistance, less current then flows through the coil from the amplifier, and therefore the acoustic output is reduced. If the user notices this, he may increase the amplifier output to compensate, but may run the risk if thermal or physical damage to the loudspeaker. Conversely, Temporary Threshold Shift may have kicked in, and the human ear will have desensitised itself as a protection measure. In such cases, it's possible that the drop in output from the loudspeaker might not be noticed.


Going back to your loudspeaker's website, the manufacturer's specifications are incorrect - it must be able to produce more than 110dB!! (my response was a little tongue in cheek!)


I would expect a loudspeaker with 105dB sensitivity and 800W handling to produce around 134dB:


Predicted SPL = Reference Sensitivity + (10log Power Handling)


Power Compression = (Reference Sensitivity + (10log Power Handling)) - Actual max SPL


Hope this helps!




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Ok but any clue of wich copy is it?? Might be an EAW? Maybe EV? etc


In many ways it doesn't really matter.


Some "copies" try to replicate the original, and might even use the same brand loudspeaker chassis. The quality of the woodwork, the closeness of manufacturing tolerances and the actual performance of the drive unit (which may have been specially selected by the original manufacturer, or have been specially made for them) will generally mean that the copy will not perform as well as the original.


However, many "copies" are far worst, inasmuch they copy over the key visual aspects (so that it looks like the original) but do not attempt to copy the actual cabinet technology or components. The result is something that is so far removed from the original's performance that it's not worth even comparing it with the original, or trying to establish what it was modelled on.


My feeling is that this product falls into the latter category...



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Looks to me like a knock-off of a d&b B2, or could be a slightly disguised Funktion One F218 or Turbosound TSW-718..but yes, as previously mentioned, the specs are utter rubbish....and it's probably got £2.99 penny-magnet drive units in it anyway....


ho hum....!!





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Looks like a d&b B2 to me, not sure about a sub going up to 650Hz though!
Er.... I don't think so!
Goes away, takes front grill off B2..... well I do!


G :)


Well I don't :) This is not an argument!


Gringo... dunno what you are looking at. U buy your B2 from China?


B2: Dimensions mm (H x W x D) 1160 x 580 x 920

China: Dimension(WxDxHmm/Pcs):1100x800x650 mm


I'm liking them side ports ... just like a B2 :P

And the side door access where the handles should be.


Its a great copy, apart from the fact that its a different size and looks totally different.





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