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D4 Pilot


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Has anybody had a chance to play with the D4 PC and Pilot system yet? I saw it demoed at the AC trade show in Leeds.


I was struck by the fact that the virtual console system was being under-used, touch-screen's would make this very useful.


For the price (less than a pearl) do you think this will become the future of conference lighting control?


If anybody in the north gets their hands on one, please let me come and play!



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I Sort of have the D4 system. - I have the D4 software running on a tablet pc. its a touchscreen system and all functions of the virtual pannel are accesable from the touchscreen.


DMX is Via Wireless Ethernet an Apple Airport Extreme or Express depending on where its being used. 8 lines of Artnet are converted to DMX via a Luminex DMX8. The system works perfectly and runs almost as fast as the vision which I use the tablet to back up. (8 universes fully loaded).


I dont have the pilot fader system to add on, I have a USB A/B card in My D4 Vision which lets me switch the visions pannel to external DMX (my Tablet) I case of onboard pc faliure. have to admit, I have never had to do it in a show situation.


I have been using it as a tech desk and backup on my shows, its great to be able to wander around a rig flown at stage level teching it before it fly's from the actual show file.


It's definatly a powerfull tool, and will easily handle conference, trade show ect, will be the way forward for me..

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