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Has anyone in using coemar products, I spot 250 (I think) come across an error message which is saying there is an eprom error. Which as far as I can see has no effect on the working of the fixture?



Was asked to come and look at said fixture as a favour and all I had to do was re-address it to the correct DMX address and it worked beautifully, just with this intermittent eprom fault flashing on the display every once in a dozen power-ups.


Cheers everyone



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What is the actual error message?


For ProSpot LX "EPER" is the eeprom error, and the advice is to take it to a service agent as the onboard non-volatile memory has failed and needs replacing.


For Prospot there is no EPER error, but there is an "EFER" and and couple of others that may get confused with it.


Coemar Tech Support may help - the manuals are all there.

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I have had this problem with kit I had from coemar uk and when I took it back to them they said that if it happens give them a call and they cani think run some things with you over the phone. it is not really a problem from what I remember but it is worth giving them a call they are a very helpful and friendly bunch of people.


dont hav ethe number on me but im sure a google will turn it up, if you cant find it pm me and ill post it when I get home but that wont be till 12ish

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Number is 01233 636688 I know cos

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I do part time dere

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and any questions ask me and I can find out 4 u

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Just a quick translation for the benefit of those of you who speak English. :rolleyes: Bloody text messaging has a lot to answer for ...

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