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Some Work Going...but Be Quick!


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Friend of mine at a local hire company needs someone to do some pretty simple lighting bits for a small tour - anyone free and up for it:




6th,7th November: Leeds (w/stopover)

13th November: Worthing

21st November: Bournemouth

27th November: Watford

30th November: Lincoln


14th December (optional): Croydon


It's some simple LX (Basically a load of Par 56s in a fan to setup and strike) Needs to be handy with a range of LX desks. You might also have to do a touch of stage management - ie ushering turns onstage at the right moment for soundchecks and stuff.


He describes it as a bit Theatre, a bit Rock'n'Roll. Dunno what that means exactly.


Money isn't great (but OK) it's £100 a gig, so £700 total or £600 if you don't do Croydon. Bear in mind that the longer ones (Lincoln, Leeds may need to travel the day before or something - no extra cash for that)


Normal freelancer/contractor stuff applies.


South London Based would be favorite.


If anyone can do it, let me know by PM or MSN or E-mail...however...he needs to know soon, so be quick!






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