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6ch Dimmer Pack - Greater Than 10a?


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Hi all,


We'd like to run 4off PAR64 (500watt) off one dimmer pack channel. Since our existing pack is only 10A then it's limited to 3x500watt Par's.


Anyone know of a 6ch, say 15A dimmer pack preferrably 2U rack mounted or less.



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They could be if he's using the CP8x series of Par 64 lamps rather then the usual CP6x - but I don't see that happening often... (shame - they work quite well really,)


Anyway there are al lot of chepo install 2U dimmers - some with DMX that should do what you want - though if you are using 500W lamps - how about one of those 4x5A dimmer packs - particularly good if you are intending to run off a 13A socket?..



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