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Member "Ben P" is Ben Payne, the chief electrician - I'm sure he'll be in touch shortly ... :rolleyes:


In the meantime, if there's anything you urgently need to know about the building, let me know - I used to be the chief there quite some time ago (until I saw the error of my ways!).

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It is fair to note that in light of your remark about the "error of your ways" that there has been a complete change of technical staff in the past year.

As it goes, I wasn't actually referring to my colleagues of the time (although in one or two cases, I could easily have been ... :) ) - I was referring more to the fact that the job simply wasn't what I was promised it would be when I accepted it.


I can say, though, that on the one occassion I've toured into the Arts since the majority of the staff changes took place (I haven't visited since Ben took over the reins) it's a nicer (and quieter) place to visit with a show ...

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