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Regret, that I do not get involved with the organisation of the courses offered by the ABTT but do I suggest that you contact the ABTT office and ask to be put on their list. I think (guess!) that they arrange the courses based on the venues that ask them for courses and the technicians that contact the office and then try and marry the two together.


As well as providing Pyrotechnic Services for shows and events, Just FX are training facilitators and have worked on behalf of other organizations such as the Theatre Technical Training Services (TTTS), the Scottish equivalent (S4T) and major Theatres, Opera Houses, Academies and Drama Schools around the country.


We can organize and arrange course directly with and you if you are able to provide a suitable venue (large, at ground level and extremely well ventilated) and that you can guarantee the numbers of delegates/technicians that could attend. Ideal numbers would be between min 6 and max 20.


You could also register with the, hopefully, soon to be formalized,


ìAssociation of Stage Pyrotechniciansî (ASP) at www.stage-pyro.org.uk


The Association (ASP), which we (Just FX) should also declare, have a training and commercial interest in, is due to come into full operation once an appropriate number of technicians sign up to and have their training and experience details registered with the association.


I hope that this information will help you and look forward to see you on one of our courses soon. Should you wish to discuss this further, please do not hesitate to contact me at Just FX or via Le Maitre or the ASP or ABTT.





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