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Par 16 Transforming!


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Hiya Guys


This is a newbie so dont expect much writing!


Basically I have 12 Birdies mixture of long nose and short nose. I need transformers for them they are 50w max. My college tutor has his birdies qith one transformer on each birdie, Which is what I would like to do so they are transportable. But unfortunately he hasn't been on for a while and now it is half term wont see him for a while. So does anyone have any suggestions?


And guys keep the cost to a minimum



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:) Hi there, Welcome to the Blue Room.

I second tlc with going to CPC, I have purchased quite a few transformers from them recently, and have been very happy with them. My advise would be to check they are ok to be dimmed as this is very handy. The link to the ones I purchased is here.

PS should there be a plural of one? I guess it is just a figure of speech. :D

Edit, Landy beat me to it with the dimmed bit.

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Be aware that some so-called "transformers" - especially the ones used for domestic downlighters - aren't really transformers, they are switch mode supplies. And as Landy says, some don't like being dimmed.


Also, most of these units have a minimum load rating as well as a max. If you don't satisfy that minimum, the supply may not work at all. Or may even flash.... If two of the bulbs in my kitchen fail, the rest will flash at about 1-2 Hz.


Edit: As well as CPC, there are plenty of other suppliers. You could try screwfix (www.screwfix.com). And I'm really surprised that a user called "tlc" didn't suggest TLC Direct.... :)

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Mode make some of the best Electronic transformers, another big name is Intram Barwell, IBL, who make both electronic and wound lighting transformers. It is worth spending the extra if your installing them and they`re a pain to get at later.


Most electronic transformers encounter nowadays will be dimmable and will say so clearly on the unit, if it dosen`t it probably isnt and may let the magic smoke out.


Wound transformers are rarer nowadays but have their uses, either a square block or a large pancake, torrodial.Heavy, not as easily dimmable , some dimmers do not like them and will eat the transformer and the dimmer triac.


Keep the cable beteen transformer and lamp short, electronic transfomers create very high frequency AC which can cause radio frequency interference and the capacitive effect of long cables can have strange effects.


Wound transformers are used in the forms of lighting you see with loads of lamps attached to 2 parallel wires.


The Current is high a 50W lamp at 12V is just over 4 Amps load side , you can smoke a piece of zip wire trying to power a couple of 50W dichros...

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