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Mac 500 Tilt Problem. Does not hold Position


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Recently posted a message about a feeedback error fro the Pan and tilt sensors on a MAC500, have since solved that problem by buying a new sensor £25 OUCH. 2 opto sensors on a tiny PCB, Didn't even need the PCB and opto sensors cannot be more than £2 EACH. Bit pricey, but less of that.


Now I have a tilt problem. The new sensor is on the Tilt mechanism and I have checked the opto wheel and there are no teeth missing. The Tilt will not got back to the correct position. It sets to a different position after about 2-3 minutes of running a sequence. I have tried turning off the auto re-position and this seems to work OK for a while if you do a 100% tilt both ways, seems to kick the head back into line. But if auto re-position is left on, after about 10 minutes it tries to re-position itself to its end stop and sits there making a hell of a noise as it is trying to get to a position that it cannot.

Have also checked the cables back to the main board and continuity is OK.


Any help appreciated.

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Hi there,

a couple of years ago I had this problem with a mac 2k on a gig. eventually I replaced the tilt belts and it worked fine again. mechanically all I can think is wrong is the tlt belts are worn down and need replacing or your tilt motors are out of sync and need replacing.


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A bent opto wheel will have no detrimental effects to tilt feedback unless it is rubbing on the sensor.


My feeling is that the motors are out of phase with each other, this does not mean that the motors need to be replaced, you can re-sync them by adjusting the timing belts on the motor shaft.


I would also check the micro switch on the tilt, I have had a couple send the unit a little haywire

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