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Pyro suggestion

Graham the lampie

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I need to design an effect for the fireworks scene in the King and I.


I know I definitely want to start the effect with a maroon then use firework gobos, but I need a spectacular pyro show to run along side it.


The challenge I have is the amount of pyro channels I have. I only have a two channel controller with the possibility of a second. with 4 pods. Ideally I need two options one with no or cold fallout as there may be an orchestra as director doesn't know if he's going to use one yet, or where he wants the effect to go.


I do have some of my own ideas with gerbs or a waterfall effect but need some other inspiration.


Many thanks for any help you can provide.

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Starbursts are great coloured airbursts, very similar to chrysanthemum shells - only smaller and for indoors.


Mines are good - great for colour and a nice big effect


Gerbs are best for getting a long duration effect to fill out time.


Whistles and with cardboard microdet are great to simulte the sounds of rockets. With our PS2 Whistles, you can specify if you want 2,3 or 4 second whistles.


As for your channel poblem, there is not much you can do about that one, the more you want the more channels you will need. have you considered hiring a 6x24 with some splitter boxes?



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