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Maintainence Costs


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One for the budget-holders out there.


Does anyone have an easy formula for estimating (very broadly) the costs of maintaining equipment in a working manner in a theatre? (Assuming that you don't need to worry about staffing costs or scheduled outside servicing which is budgeted elsewhere.) The gear in question is a venue full with lights/sound/video/staging/cinema kit, so some of each.


I currently looking for a quick-and-dirty formula (such as x% of total equipment value) to help me estimate for future budgets. I understand that there's a fair amount of slack in both directions (stuff just doesn't break reliably these days... ;) ) I was thinking of something like 3-4% of total value at the moment.


Feel free to ask ancillary questions, but I'll try to anticipate some here:


The gear gets moved around a fair amount - it's not all fixed.

Programme is all one-nighters - equally split between theatre, music, comedy, dance and conferencing.

Equipment is treated with respect by properly-trained folks


Anything else, just ask..


Thanks in advance

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Has changed form venue to venue that I work in, unfortunately I've found that it takes a couple of years to work out for each specific venue.


However, given that


I've found that you seem to require enough money for


1 extra lantern per 30 per year ( price includes nuts bolts screws hook clamps and safety bonds)

1 extra cable per 20 per year

1 extra mic/speaker/boom stand per 10 per year

1 extra mic per 15 per year (Includes mic clips)


sound desk/outboard spares are dependant on the board and how much (ab)use it gets, likewise with lighting desks


lamps gels tape cleaning aids and other consumables you'll just have to guestimate given on your situation


I'm not that experienced in staging costs outside of steeldeck spares so prob not that useful to you

Little experience of budgets for cinema costs either


Someone else give a little feedback let me know your experience too


hope that sheds a little light



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