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That's Inflation For You


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just got a 1972 Strand price list...

Hook Clamps £0.33 each

20-channel 2-preset desk with dimmer rack £915

1Kw lamp £5.27

Cinemoid £0.52/sheet

1kW fresnel £24

1kW profile £36

...interesting how some prices have rocketed (hook clamps, lanterns), some have only moved a bit (lamp) and some have almost stayed the same (desk and dimmers).

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my sister just moved house and found some boxes full of my rubbish in her cellar, which she returned to me. in one of them (smelling slightly of damp) was the "Donmar Reference Manual Silver Jubilee edition" (I think 1987 or 1988).gaffer tape standard £5.20 per roll, super £6.10. Setting lines, £POA. They seem to have discontinued the sightlines (left or right-handed) available in the previous edition, if I remember rightly. Oh for the days when you could pop down the west end to buy a spot of "gel", or a T1 for your Patt 23.
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