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Fake Frosting Recipe and Fake Wedding Cakes


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Hi folks!


I am doing props for a production of Les Mis.


We have a tiny budget and I am looking to make the wedding cake for the end. I am wondering if anyone knows a recipe for making a "frosting" that will be hard and be durable (the cast is high school kids so durable is good!)


I have used jaxsan before but have no access to it now. I am looking for something realistic and cheap!




Thanks in advance!

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ah Home Depot! perfect!


I can go there tomorrow! Thanks so much!!!!


PS: Now that I have looked it up and understand what you are talking about I think that that is exactly what I am looking for!


Thanks to all of you for your info, your help is much appreciated!

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I don't know what your price range is but something that could be worth looking out is a product called 'fillite'. Its basically grains of clay - it has loads of uses and its easily mouldable.


I used it mixed with some paint for a cake in Company and it looked fab...However I think pollyfilla will be a cheaper option.


If you wanted to have a look at fillite I'd suggest checking out a US equivalent to Tiranti.

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We used circular hatboxes (cardboard) painted cream, and then stuck pasta shells painted in the same colour around the edges, it made extremely realistic looking "fancy" icing. Durable too if you use strong glue.
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