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Height for Kickboards


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Hope that you can help me. I am in the process of designing a set, with a raised level that is around 7 foot high. At what height do you legally have to include kickboards and hand rails etc.


I was once told that the maximum height, without a kickboard, was only a metre, which I imagine to be a little low.


Any help appreciated.



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You must prevent falls and falling objects as effectively as possible.

As a designer you have that duty, the employer or other duty holder also must prevent falls. Could be the hall manager, promoter, production manager - depends on the situation.

Providing guard rails at around 1m and again 470mm lower and a 150mm toeboard would be an industrial/construction requirement and perhaps not appropriate to scenic design.

The size/area of the platform would also be regulated.


There are specs for working platforms in the work at height regs, and ABTT publish a guide on guard rails.

The '2m rule' is no longer in operation. Any height sufficient to cause injury requires a means of prevention legally, and in proportion to the risk and the consequences of the fall.

Kids, the less able and so on need special consideration in terms of protection and access to the elevated level. The access is included in the definition of 'height' unless a permanent facility.



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