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Adb lanterns


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Reasonably sure,


Put it this way, when I went on a factory tour at ADB they were explaining how funny it is that CCT minuette's are rated for a higher wattage lamp (650w rather than 500w I think) than the ADB euro spots when the only difference was the sticker that's put on at the end of production.


(This is because CCT get their CE rating done by a different company who have a different understanding of the CE reg's)


Of course I could be wrong, it did happen once before....

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Yes, you're right Grum.


You'll notice that the ADB Minuette versions say (in teeny-tiny letters) "Made under licence". The deal is that ADB can sell their version in return for manufacturing CCT's batch.


As far as I understand it, there's been a bit of a to-do lately, what with CCT's management buy-out and move to smaller premises with subsequent reduction in product lines, and ADB allegedly wanting to increase the price of metalwork parts etc. There may also have been some money issues with the CCT restructuring.



Anyway, back to the OP:

In my experience, all ADB spotlights have been excellent. I have heard complaints about the weight of the profiles, but they are the best I have ever used optically.


At the end of the day, if it's the light output (quantity and quality) that you are interested in (and you should be!), they're not really THAT heavy to move around. ADB spotlights are no heavier than a lot of other manufacturer's products.


And yes, I have had to rig them/move them/carry them up and down ladders ;)

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They did, but have gradually cut down on the manufacturing side over several years. The last time I went (before the recent move) they were just manufacturing the Sils and the newer Freedom units themselves. All the metalwork was shipped in and just assembled at Nottingham.


Since the management buyout and move to new premises, the number of lines has been reduced to what they see as the key products. Minuettes have been manufactured by ADB for CCT for many years.

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