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fog fluid equivalents for american dj?


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Hello Everyone,


I've learned tons from this forum in the past, but for the first time, I did a search and didn't find a post where someone had already dealt with my problem, or at least discussed it. So now it's time to step up, become a real member and start posting! Who knows? Maybe I'll even have solutions for some other problems floating around here.


In any case, here's the question of the day:


Does anyone here know what sort of fog juice the American DJ foggers use? Specifically The Dyno Fog II




A pretty cheap 1kw fogger. I need to get a fast dissipating fluid for these, but American DJ doesn't seem to make one. I'm sure I can use Rosco Stage and Studio or the Antari or something similar, but I'm not sure which one, and I can't seem to find any web pages or forums that talk about how American DJ juices compare to others. Anyone here have any insight?





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Not tap water, hard water will kill a smoke machine in short order.





I'd agree with Mush. You either kill the machine over time or when watering down your fluid with tap water, you will get bursts of smoke then smaller choked up bursts and then eventually nothing until you add more of the fluid and then it gradually comes back into near full smoke output but yeah it's not good for a machine.

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