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Computer Software for Hire services/invoice etc

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Hi Everyone,


I work for a company which doesnt have any software on their computers which prints out prep sheets which has all their gear listed on the system. We are having to do all our quote & confirmation on microsoft word and can proof difficalt finding it once you have done due to having so many clinets.


We also have the problem where we come to load a van and have to work out what we need in our heads and it turns out you have forgotten something when you arrive. If you had this on a sheet this wouldn't happen.


I have heard that their is some software which allows you to input all you gear you have and also work out what cables you need as well. It also does all you invoices,cinfirmation,prep sheets,work out what gear you have left etc etc.


Does anyone know any software which would be good for this?


Also does anyone have it,or knows where I can get it from?


How much is it?


Any Thoughts on this would be great





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Or alternatively you can do a lot of stuff with Excel, using pivot tables and macros, and even more with a simple Access database (assuming you have that installed)


Takes some time and expertise to set up though, so it depends on whether you feel the time investment is worth it compared to buying one of the many existing suites.

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I am in the process of setting up RentalDesk, for a firm I freelance for. They had already purchased it, but had been to busy to implement it. We are still in a test hire state, so not fully live, but so far, it seems quite good.


Just curious if anyone else is running it - issues etc...Or what do you use ?











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