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Advice on suitability of grid support


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A little wisdom learned temping when I was a student:


If you are sending an importan letter to anyone in a local authority (or other large office), use a signed for postal service such as recorded or special delivery. When the letter arrives, the post-room sign for it. When it is collected by or delivered to the relevant department, they sign for it.


You have a paper trail proving that they received your communication and they will normaly read your letter immediately even if they then ignore it.

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If you are sending an importan letter to anyone in a local authority (or other large office), use a signed for postal service such as recorded or special delivery.


Very true. Another one to be aware of - although not relevant in this particular case - is that if you send in a general letter, it starts at the bottom, and may work upwards to where it can be actioned. But if you send a lawyer's letter, it starts at the chief exec's desk, and works downwards...

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My prob is, I have passed it onto to my line managers and the H+S persons. It got sent back onto me to contact the city council. And yes one of my concerns is that they say tough the grid unsafe and I end up with no job. But at the end of the day I would rather have no job then risk the lifes of a possible 270 people sitting below this structure.


I original wanted to hire in stage elec etc… to test the structure for me, but I got the following response “if the grid fails it may not be covered if a external company does it and the council will do it for freeâ€.


You see the problem….


Hi lxkev


I've been following this thread with interest. If you have been asked to take the problem to your council then that seems to protect your position a lot (you've got this instruction in writing?) and I can only agree that the safety of 270 people outweighs anyone's employment.


Legally, an inspection by a competent person (under LOLER - Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations) is a mandatory requirement and the owner of the grid (and you as the operator!) are comitting an ongoing statutory criminal offence by not having it inspected (one offence) and continuing to use it (another offence). It does not matter whether a company or the council does it for free or charges a million quid, the inspection would be equally valid if any competent person does it and documents it.


If it was installed after December 1998, the installation company is also liable under these regs, whether they like it or not.


We have published a simple guidance leaflet about LOLER - you can download it from this page on our website. Good luck!




If that still doesn't work, you could always phone your local paper (anonomously) and tell them the grid might be unsafe, hasn't been inspected as the law requires and the council isn't doing anything about it!!! (But don't say I suggested it!)



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