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I don't know if you all do this, but we go through phases of getting obsessed with certain little details over here...which are just as soon forgotten...


For example, we used to be entirely obsessed with getting the bolt sets right on lanterns....now we don't really care as long as it has a wingnut...



Now, we're obsessed with speaker rattle.


So what's your obsession this week?

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instead of throwing about gels, try gel- frame frisbee - more fun with the newbies and trains them to look where they put their heads. :huh:


it seems that in my new venue they are obsessed with labelling things without the normal system of logic - I think its called Fuzzy logic; there, but a bit messy.




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I am obsessed with symmetry,


I even once made the patchbay symmetrical by moving plugs around in the stage boxes.


Maybe that was cos I was bored :huh:


EDIT: spell checker corrects the words but when I finish they havnt changed, if that makes any sense. Anyway I've manually spell checked now

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I am, and have been, obsessed with symetry for ages. All lanterns must be symetrical (within reason obviously)


Everything I do, I try to make it symetrical.


Is anyone else like this?

I try to be like this as much as poss.


Maybe one day I'll try doing an asymetrical Lighting Design for a rock gig or something. That should confoozle the feck out of me...



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