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MR16 Uplight


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I can find a lot of 'normal' MR16 Birdie cans but can't find a floor can version.

I don't think I've ever seen a floor version and can't think why you'd want to use one. They would be so light that the chances of them staying in one place would be remote. Just the weight of the cable would be enough to cause them to shift. Stick a normal birdie on a weighted base.

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Guest lightnix

I normally just screw birdie cans directly into the set (with a washer to reduce the hole size), or onto a length of wood, which is then firmly gaffa'd down.


How about using a d0m35t1c 3y3b4ll f1tt1ng :( ? That will give you some focusability, with an ultra-low profile and semi-concealed lighting. If people have to walk on it, then there are plenty of other (non-focusable) f1tt1ngs out there, designed to allow that safely.

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How about using a d0m35t1c 3y3b4ll f1tt1ng :o ?

It's funny you should say that. I was cutting up some pieces of wood to make a 'floor can' MR16 wedge unit out of one of those last night. I might post a picture when it's finished (though it's a prototype so it'll be very rough and ready).


In practise I think I'll go with Brain's idea of just inverting a normal birdie and screwing it into a big wooden base.


Edit: A few days later



It's very 'prototype', the two angles are 35 degrees and 55 degrees to I can 'angle' it just by turning it upside down. I'm not happy with the Gel holder, it really does look bad.

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