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Sound & Lighting course - advice needed

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I would like to have your advice, if you do not mind. I'm currently living in Estonia and the

possibilities to study lighting design exist, but the level is not very high. So I would like to

come to study in U.K (London) lighting design. I visited Rose Bruford College open day and

they suggested me to graduate some C&G courses before applying to any university.


What would be the best choise or which course should I take? Right now I'm thinking

of Performance Technology (Sound & Lighting) course at City of Westminister College.


Thank you in advance!

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As for a university course, I would immediately plug my course - sound, light and live event technology at derby university - however you will need a certain level before you came to that. If you were to give them a call though, they would be able to advise you on the best route to the course.


The major advantage of this course is that as well as training in lighting design, you will get a grounding on how to actually work in the industry - as the whole course is conducted with the unwritten rules in place!



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I took C&G 181 Theatre Electrics and Lighting at Westminster College

otherwise known as the 'paddington course'

it's not great, the practical work/experience is next to nothing and the most useful bit I found was using the course to get work experience and a leg up in the industry.

it was 3 x 1/2 days a week plus a day for day release work experience.

if you want more details pm or email me

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Hi all!!


Yes the BSc (hons) in Lighting and BSc (hons) in Live Event Technology started in Sep 2005 with a good uptake. I may be biased as I am a lecturer on both courses and helped develop them. We are developing at a fast rate with huge emphasis on hands on learning.


I would encourage anyone interested in more information to PM me, vist the website at www.glam.ac.uk, or we have our next open/applicant day on the 8th Feb so come and see for yourself. IF you with to attend please let me know.


As a FYI if you are not looking for a degree but want a HND with the oportunity to convert this to a full BSc (hons) we will be running a HND in Lighting and Live Event Technology from September 2006



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I know they are unique at present.


I might disagree slightly here!


Since 1999, the University of Derby has run the BSc (Hons) Live Performance Technology programme (which later changed title to Sound, Light & Live Event Technology).


I could mention the ambitious new building project, the graduates working in Broadcast, Live Sound, Lighting, Technical Sales, Product Development and Acoustics, but that might look like boasting ;)


Shall we say that our programmes are almost unique? ;-)




Programme Leader,

BSc(Hons) Sound, Light & Live Event Technology

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I would concur that there are very unique aspects about our degree; I think the research we do into the socio-economic realtionship of academic and performance space as translated through the Husserlain notions of time and place is probably without parallel in the UK university sector.


Ken Coker

Visiting Toyota Land Cruiser Lecturer in Event Technology - University of Derby

PhD student - Nottingham Trent University

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