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Merlin 256 Newbie Problems


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We just got ourselves our first DMX desk c/w accessories (2nd hand used), however, I'm finding getting it up and running a nightmare. I hope somebody can help?


We have the desk and an IF32, and also a GOBO/FX DMX effects light.


I started simple hooking up the GOBO/FX which is a 2ch DMX device. The desk reset to defaults has,


C001 to C016

S000 all channels

P000 all channels


The GOBO is set to DMX channel 64/65 so I simply assigned buttons 15 & 16 on the desk to C064 and C065 respectively. Lo and behold, move the sliders and the GOBO does something. However, if I move any of the other sliders they also make the GOBO do something. Why? The other channels are set to C001 to C0014, all ready for me to plug in one side of my IF32 when I get around to it.


Just to make sure it wasn't the GOBO having problems I connected up a MADSCAN and assigned it C007 to C0011, and the same thing happens, move other sliders and the MADSCAN does things.


I kinda think my problem is not understanding SCENES properly, i.e. all sliders are set to S000, but I can't see how I should go about rectifying this.


Believe me, I'm a technician alright, but this has got me beat, and no amount of re-reading the manual has got me anywhere.


At the end of the day all I want to do is have manual control of our PAR56's via channels 1-14 and use channels 15 & 16 for the GOBO, also manually.






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I'm afraid I don't know the answers to your problem, but just for the benefit of everyone else, this is what I've found out via my net searches...saves the rest of them doing the same thing.


The merlin 256 is by NJD. The IF32 is a demux also made by NJD. And the Gobo/FX is made by iscotech (I think) and seems to be some kind of "Solar"-type thingy.


Hope this helps y'all... :angry:

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Very sorry Ian, I don't know the answer to that one either - and I own one of the things. All I can do is suggest putting your effect channels (64,65 or whatever) onto the first two faders and set the rest to 'off' (IIRC). There are four settings to each fader, either Channel (C*** - where * denotes number), Scene (S***), program (P***), or another one where it does nothing - give that a go, it might do something constructive. If not then I'm beat too I'm afraid.
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