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Small Effects, That Look Big...


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hi, this is a new area totally for me, so by the way all you people talk about it, you sound as though you know a lot.


us, the tech crew at our school have been put to work on designs for a set similar of the "stars in their eyes" show as seen on telly, we ourselves are creating one, not for telly though thank god...


anyhow, to the point. We need to create some sort of explosion with a sparly effect at each side of the stage to set off when the winner is announced and comes on stage. being a school, we can't have too bigger effect, and must be safe so any prying hands dont get to fiddle with them.


can anyone help, provide me with links and idea's please.


cheers, very grateful of any help you can give



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  We need to create some sort of explosion with a sparly effect at each side of the stage Matt.

School + Pyro = Huge H&S problems. You probably don't want to go there!


You seem to be referring to something like Le Maitra's "Silver Jet" or "Silver Star".


Silver Jet = "Instant column of silver sparks with no smoke" 6m high or 3m for a small one.


Silver Star = Flash + bang + smoke + crackling sparkly bits

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CO2 Cannons filled with metallic confetti. You wont get an explosion as such but you'll get the visual effect you're after and without nearly as many H+S issues.


CO2 Cannons are basically a small CO2 cartridge - like the ones that go in old fashioned soda syphons - with a firing mechanism connected to a plastic tube. The firing system can be electronic or manual (pull a bit of string). You can even use them hand held.

You can put what you want in the tube - confetti, streamers, t-shirts(?).


I'd have thought the only H+S issue is to make sure they are not pointed directly at somebody's face.


Lincoln at Just FX is your man.


Oh - and Le Maitre do them. There's a picture of them in use

here - scroll down to the Polyphonic Spree bit.

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