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If ive posted in the wrong section please feel free to move.


Iam hoping someone can shed some light on a mystery iam currently trying to solve.


Recently we went into a venue to service some minor lighting bits and bobs.


iam trying to find the correct name or place to purchace the metal work used to hang this stuff (low level).


To describe as best as possible, it looked like galvanised steel bolted to the celing in strips, with an opening at the bottom to slide in square nuts so that fixtures coud be held up. it was square steel and the bottom was open with lips so these retaining fixings could be slid in and bolted into.


Very clever!


Anyway iam speccing a job which this stuff would be perfect for but cant track it down, have tried screwfix and multiple google searches but not knowing what its called is something of a problem.


I contacted the venue and they have no idea who installed this equipment.


Anyway I hope someone out there will have a rough idea.




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From your description, it sounds like the standard mounting hardware for air handling units and anything that gets suspended from warehouse ceilings.

Unfortunately, I can't recall what it's called either!

However, if you go into an industrial hardware shop (Jewsons, builders merchants etc.,) I 'd guess that they'd understand what you are after...



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I think that the suspension you are talking about is called Unistrut. It is used most places for air con, but I have used it in the past for permanent lighting fittings. It uses the retangular plate you describe with a spring on the back ( commonly known as a zeberdee).

Most large electrical wholesalers should stock it or be able to get hold of it. Try City electrical factors or Edmundson Electrical.


Hope this helps



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UNITSTRUT!!!!! Thats the one. many thanks.


as others have said you may be able to save money by buying from a non-theatrical supplier, by using the common generic name "channel" and for example I can buy it from my local electrical wholesaler for not a lot, it comes in slotted(regular slots down the back) or plain and has all kinds of accessories, corners, t's, end caps, sprung nuts, arms that stick out etc.


this website shows what it looks like




and this website has photos




It's mechano for grown-ups! (Pity it doesn't come in black!)

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you can get it direct and They should be able to stove enamel it for you to be black.

we buy loads of it from various places. we use Tolway Fixings (www.tolwayfixings.com). All of the retailers can be bartered with. we get 50% on the list!

It is great stuff, available slotted or not, slimline, standard or heavy duty (twice as deep) and a huge selection of bits to go on it.

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