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Strand 300 s/w upgrade


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I've searched for similar topics but none seem to jump out as the answer..


Problem: I downloaded the OS ver 2.8.6 from their website earlier, (we're currently at 2.5 on the machine I'm trying to u/g) but I can't seem to get it to run the prog properly.


Whether I try installing from the DOS prompt or via the soft/download option from within the OS itself (under Archive) it comes back with the same error - error reading drive A (where the files are, obviously).


Before I go to Strand asking for support, has anyone had problems with this? It could be a faulty floppy drive (I've tried it from 2 different disks so it's not that), though it seems to work OK on other aspects...


There's enough RAM available, I reckon, as I've cleared off all the show ssf and bk0 files...


Not a huge problem if I don't upgrade, but curious to know why....




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Two faulty 3.5" discs are entirely possible...

I agree, try it again with a couple more discs and if it still doesn't work contact Strand.

There customer service is great and I have found them to be excellent at fixing whats broke!


I had a lot of trouble with the Strand 300 at the theatre I used to work at, Strand were really helpful they supplied replacements on short notice twice, but eventually after even the replacements failed too (crashing, freezing and auto restarting) they agreed to supply us with a 520i, which was probably more than we needed, but a nice addition all the same. (and of course extremely generous of them!)

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Could also be a dust problem in the drive. Go and buy a cleaning floppy and run it through the drive. Or use a decent sized swab (not a q-tip, they can leave fluff, but something with a spungy end) and a very milld solvent (ie glasses cleaner) and just lightly rub it through the floppy opening. I find that it solves almost half the problems people have with floppy drives. Especially since some people cannot resist the temptation to open the disk sleeves, resulting in dust on the disk which falls onto the head.
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