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Anyone able to recommend me a good software based programme that I can draw my relight designs and also the ground plan for the set of the show I am working on.


My one big drawback is I am using a MAC> HOW BAD CAN THINGS GET

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If you are using Auto Cad you can download, truss blocks and lantern blocks off the net. I think Stage electrics have them on their web site but I could be wrong if not try white light or other similar companies. Also I have heard (although not tried it I got mine on disc from a friend) some manufactures have their own stock available as downloads.


When you have downloaded them check the scale of the blocks (they usually are in mm) then convert them all to the scale you are working in ie. Meters instead of mm then you just pick them up and drop them where you want.


A little tip with the truss. The base point of the block is usualy top left or right. It takes a little time but if you open each one and change the base point to centre of the join you can build quite complicated truss rigs very quickly. Just rember to soom in quite close as things like eggs will be on the drawing so make sure your base point takes this into account. You can also change your lantern blocks so the base point is the centre of the yolk, again speeding things up a a little.


Any other problems give us a shout.

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