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  1. The current PCB layout has footprints for the three XLR sockets on one end and volume on the other, I have decided that switches for 'CALL' and 'TALK' can be panel mounted so any builder can choose their own style. I found some illuminated pushbuttons, one latching, one non-latching. If my idea has any footing in reality I just have to drill three round holes in each end of the case. I remember somewhere in the original BlueClone thread some difficulty in finding the specified button so this will allow a bit of leeway. The PCB is designed to fit in the same aluminium case as the BlueClone.
  2. New boards required, time for the suspected re-roll! New layout created (in KiCAD), I will probably order the "mk2" boards next week with 2 or 3 weeks for delivery.
  3. I am just looking at making a couple of beltpacks inspired by the Bluecom design but mostly surface mount and ICs I can actually get, my component listing using surface mount costs less than the v1.4 board's TTH components even allowing for MOQs. I have just about finished the PCB design so should be getting a few prototype boards made in the next couple of weeks - PROTOTYPES so will probably require a re-roll.
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